Welcome to the TaoTao-project!


TaoTao-Project is moving to taotao-project.org
New and improved project is open at taotao-project.org. The TaoTao-Project has been under development for last two years. The new design make collaborative editing and translating much easier. The new dictionary and word-to-word translators have also seen the light and contain now about 30 times the characters and term definitions. The moving of the library has also been started.

The TaoTao-project is a research platform and virtual library focusing on Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. The project aims to provide means to read and study ancient philosophical, religious and medical writings. TaoTao project currently consist of a virtual library, search tool, dictionary and "a word for word" matrix translator for machine aided translation. The forums provide a way for researchers and students for open dialogue and shared translation.

Opening up

The dictionaries and translator have become available to non-registered users

Merging to mainpage

The TaoTao-project has been merged to Finnish Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture project.


Summer 2010: Several Chinese medicine classics added. Huge thanks to Al Stone from Gancao.net.