Akupunktion ja perinteisen kiinalaisen lääketieteen asiantuntemusta

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

The Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture -site is the largest Chinese medicine and Acupuncture site in Finnish language. The site publishes texts about history and roots of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture.

Chinese medicine is one of the oldest medical traditions in the world. The most ancient roots of this vast medical tradition can be found deep within the world of myths, regions and beliefs. The site aims to shed light upon the ancient philosophy and practices from where the Chinese Medicine has developed to its current form.

The site was originally intended for Finnish audience the main site is currently in Finnish language. The TaoTao-project has been available in English from the beginning of the project in 2003. Taoist Acupuncture blog was was launched at January 2011. The blog is intended for translations and articles about the Taoist forms of Chinese medicine. The rest of these pages are planned to become available in English (in a distant future).

In the meantime you can try automatically translated pages. Please note that the automatic translations might be quite different from the original site content. Even the Finnish translations from the Chinese texts are based loosely on Finnish grammar. This is done to preserve Chinese wording and expressions as the translations have been made for students of Chinese medicine.

Try the automatic translation by google-translator:

-Mikael Ikivesi

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